Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meet Kristina Pamias

image Obsessed with all that is right and true; Kristina Pamias applies her self taught skills as a photographer and poet to express her appreciation of that which she finds beautiful. Having lived on both coasts of the U.S. & a few states in between, she has always considered Southern California her home.
He father was Motorcycle Lifestyle icon; Rip Rose, roving Editor of
Easyriders & Biker Magazines until his untimely death from cancer in 2000. Being raised the youngest of 6 half-sisters, and surrounded by people w/names like, “Sloopy”, “Popper”, “Heavy” and “Easy Ed”, she learned earlyon that individuality and self expression are the keys to freedom.*
image *At the “appropriate” & legal, age of 18, with the desire to be art,
Kristina began live modeling for art groups and classes, and enjoyed seeing her form reproduced in 2 & 3D for many years. Her  photographic self portraits are favored my many of her fans.*
*Photographing beautiful freaks & progressive performers since the early 80’s, she’s shot numerous bands like The Pretenders, Korn & image Super Suckers, as well as anti-celebrities like Jesse James. Drag queens, squatters, pin-up dolls, skaters, actors, pin-stripers, and a multitude of desperados & dream boats have all been caught by her lens. Her eclectic work can be found in the pages of NY Press, Easyriders, In The Wind, The Boston Globe, XXL, The
Horse, and Phoenix Downtown Magazine, among others.*
*What/whoever her subject matter, the process is always experimental, and result is usually sexy.*

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