Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meet Latisha Wood

TETE I am Latisha Wood and I am an artist of many mediums. I was born in California and grew up in Harbor CIty! Im the youngest of 7 and grew up in a broken home but with a mother that has strong heart which held us all together. My family has been the hugest inspirations in my life. My father was a self taught artist who was killed on his motorcycle when I was 7months old by a drunk driver. I mention my early beginnings in life because it blooms into my current life. After my pops died he left my young 27yr old moms with a large family to care for so life was very hard as a young child. When I was 13 moms moved us to the east coast to escape the street trouble my brothers were getting into. I am thankful for this transition as I had the opportunity to see new parts of the country and even the opportunity to attend college. I went to The Hartford Art School for four years and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I loooove learning!!! And art school was exceptional offering me so many mediums to experience and teachers that brought light to my natural gifts. My teachers in life have been huge blessings and without their guidance i would not be where i am today! After finishing school I began searching the soul and wanting to put my art towards something that brought me a great deal of passion.

DSC07683 At this time the custom motorcycle and car industry was booming!!! I have always been someone unafraid to knock on the doors of my dreams. My first knock was on the door of Orange County Choppers in New York. I was young and gifted full of passion and ready to do a craft that i knew I would have been learning possibly as young as the age of 2 only if my pops were alive and sharing his love for the motorcycles with me! Looking to my faith I knew in my heart I was meant for the custom world. My heart beats heavily for the shine and beauty of the bikes and cars...the smell of the rubber and the stinkin exhaust! That love bloomed as I learned the trade of custom painting world. Working with the OCC crew was exciting as my work was featured on Discovery Channel and I even invented a new painting technique I call metal etching. With this technique I carve into the metal through the paint and incorporate other mediums of airbrushing, painting, and gold leafing...I love it all and I flow it through the custom however far my imagination goes. After the New York adventure I branched out doing customs for clients all over the country. My craft bloomed. Later I did a bike that was featured on TLC with MIAMI INK! This bike was fully tattooed and it brought light to the tattoo industry for me. Clients had been telling me for years to learn the tattoo trade. Working on this tattoo bike for TLC is where I realized Id love to continue learning a new trade. I found Orange County INKHOUSE and the artist Franco Vescovi while visiting California for the LA Calendar show. My good friend and amazing engraver Tay Herrera brought me to the tattoo shop and yet again I knocked on another door that would change my life forever. Franco accepted my request for a tattoo apprenticeship and I banked the money i needed to move back west coast! The state I say is the cream of the crop for any artist!! Franco has been a huge inspiration in my career and in my life, Not only teaching me the amazing craft of the tattoo but teaching me the craft of life, success, and ultimately happiness. He did not offer all of these teachings on a silver platter. I had to work very hard for my apprenticeship and to keep it with the respect of the tattoo industries four fathers. Alexis Vaatet and Big Gus stood beside Franco teaching me their own avenues of success, During my apprenticeship I found more exciting avenues for my art. My custom High heels are one of my favorites. Soon ladies can buy them in stores like Hot Topics and Journeys.or online with Iron Fist Women. I have been blessed and invited to create artwork for two of west coasts major street wear brands. Joker Brand Los Angeles and Tribal Gear San Diego. Working with the talents of Soul Assassins Studios, photographer Estevan Orial and tattoo artist Mister Cartoons is a huge honor. It is a door only in my wildest dreams could i have imagined to walk through. Tribal Gear also houses street wear by artist such as OG ABEL, OG RISK, Willie Toledo, Jose Lopez, Noah....The artists and musicians that surround both these clothing lines are the largest hearts that beat in southern California. After my Customs, tattoos, high heels, street wear I cant forget to mention my body paintings. I work closely with the photographer Willie Toledo and models, such as a few of west coasts beauties Mia Valerio, Mary Lujan, Vida Santos, Angelica Carrera, and Dj Astrea. I love this art form because it is a collaboration of the artist, the photographer and the models. Each carrying a great deal of love and style for their craft

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    Just wanted to say congrats on a job well done. I watched the episode with the occ chopper and was amazed at the quality work. Good luck to your bright future.

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