Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet Ron Pogue

oilToo many influences to list but at the top would be the guys who made the cars of: Mad Max

  Pre and post high school I kinda hung out with the guitar player stoner/rocker crowd but couldn’t play an instrument so I did the only thing I was any good at: first designing flyers, album covers, tattoos, and then eventually websites and furniture. I took welding classes at the Crucible in Oakland in hopes of starting a custom metal arts studio with my buddy and that eventually tuned into Vision Design Studios.

cof3 Our first product was a gas tank for choppers since my buddy Rob needed a tank and custom motorcycle parts happened to be booming at the time. I never had the sense to capitalize on that bubble but it allowed me and my shop to experiment with new ideas and allowed me to quit my day job and move to Thailand to work on custom design full time. Since then I had the pleasure of working with some of the top shops in the custom bike industry and contributing to many award winning bikes around the world. Now I have the huge honor of exploring new areas of metal art that belong in the home not on the road but of course still with the usual post apocalyptic nightmare edge to them :)


If you would like to see what were up to, take a look here……..

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