Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meet Saign Charlestein

P1020472 Saign Charlestein, originally from Washington state, moved to California in 1988. When he was twenty, he began working for his parents, who had been working in the film industry for over 20 years, and had just opened Renegade Effects Group, a special effects film company in North Hollywood, Ca. Soon enough Saign was running a majority of the job for renegade effects group and was pulling in large jobs of his own.

ZuDenKneen-filtered Saign started by working with some of the best film industry artists who specialized in different trades, and learned as much as he could while working on different projects. The area of study that appealed to Saign the most, though, was learning all the facets of metalwork. He specialized in sheet metal fabrication, and the ancient art of Chasing and Repousse, making armour and swords the way craftsmen of old did. He also became highly skilled in rough and finish carpentry, model making, working with foams, plastics, fiberglass, mold making, machining, as well as many other skills. His work can be seen in some of the most popular films and television series of the last decade, as well as in some of the most beautiful homes.

Saign is a true old world craftsman, whose eye for the finest detail and workmanship, makes him a perfectionist who strives to put forth the highest quality work. His work can be seen at his website: www.

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