Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bikernet has joined our mission


Keith “Bandit” Ball is known to many as the Godfather in the motorcycle industry. He has many accomplishments under is belt from being the editor of Easyrider Magazine in the seventies to  becoming a powerful voice with-in the group known as ABATE. ABATE is the largest grassroots motorcycle organization in the world with 28 chapters and some 50,000 members, by empowering individuals in each state to build and run their own local organizations. Keith proudly holds the national director title .

In the 80’s, Keith was the editorial director for Paisano Publications, which overseen 14 different magazines. You think that would of slowed him down but no, in the 90’s came numerous novels and creating He has taken on the Bonneville Salt Flats as well. is one of the top motorcycle websites which has expanded to include tech material, classifieds, riding tales, information on motorcycling laws, event coverage and much more.

So why are we giving you so much information on one guy for this blog? The reason is, most of the Thy Will Be Done featured artists have a home within the motorcycle industry and without people like Keith Ball there wouldn’t be a safe house for us. We would like to thank Keith and for coming aboard and supporting our event.

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