Friday, May 27, 2011

Artist profile: Alex Atman

Atman was born Alex Rinker in San Francisco in 1963, to a well-known civic leader, Professor Alvin Rinker, founder of the San Francisco Switchboard, and Pamela Rinker, a professional jazz singer. Both parents were social activists heavily involved in San Francisco's 60's evolution. Atman was raised in the era of the Summer of Love, living in Golden Gate Park, and learning by witnessing the growth of the Free Speech movement, free love, and encouraged at a very early age into creative thought and individuality.

Even before graduating from public school, Atman was actively creating art, logos, and illustrations for graduate publications and private companies. His high school art teacher gave him the dubious award for the most stolen and copied art projects by the student body.

During high school, after reading the book Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse, he changed his name to Atman, meaning "Divine Consciousness residing in the individual; the soul." Atman embarked on a seven year stint as a lead guide for wild cave exploration-known as spelunking-in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. While employed as a guide he also designed the logo for the company, which sold well over 20,000 t-shirts featuring the logo. Moving on to working as a stone mason in the 80's, Atman utilized his creativity in building monolithic walls, staircases, fountains and other landscaping sculptures for high end estates.thy will be done 003

Misfortune struck on April Fool's day 1986 with a 100 foot fall from Parrots Ferry Bridge (in the Sierra Foothills) while trying to develop the then unknown sport of Bungee Jumping.

To the present day, chronic pain helps shape his creative endeavors, sleepless nights give birth to artistic direction-thanks to the chronic discomfort of the injuries.thy will be done 002

Working in metal, with light as his guide, have resulted in an evolution of form and function. Atman has been a resident of Vallejo for 8 years.


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