Thursday, May 19, 2011

Artist profile: Sara Ray

Sara Ray’s roots are steeped in Southern California hot rod culture and surf lore. She was born in Hermosa Beach, California to a family of artists, surfers and hotrodders. She grew up under the volcano on the big island of Hawaii riding around in rusty hot rods and surfmobiles. Her grandfather is surf legend Hap Jacobs, and customs by George Barris shared space with hotrods in the family garage. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.
154371_466558853926_637358926_5795737_2095141_n Self taught as a painter, Sara prospects the lodes her childhood and familial influences as prime motivators for her paintings and illustration. She is also an avid war historian with a special bent for World War II iconography and legend. Her interest in the war plays a major role in her paintings and her life. She loves to visit war museums, and interview veterans.76734_468562323926_637358926_5829419_999660_n
The consummate hot rod artist, Sara wrenches on her cars whenever she can and is a firm believer in the Viking saying, “buy a steed when it is lanky and a sword when it is rusty.” She owns a 1942 Ford Army jeep , a 1939 Cadillac La Salle dressed out like an army staff car in honor of George S. Patton, and a ’53 Buick full custom she calls the “Prussian Widow.”
41155_426120983926_637358926_5073757_7500421_n Sara’s thinly layered oils portray a heady mix of nose art, pulp fiction, fascination with “Kustom Kulture” and the supernatural. She has recently begun mounting solo exhibitions of her work and has shown alongside fellow car culture mavens such as Coop, The Pizz, Suzanne and Robert Williams and Von Franco. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines from Easyriders and Guitar Player to Juxtapoz and Iron Horse. She has done projects for Fender, Gretsch, and Jackson guitars, and recently completed a series of custom painted motorcycles for Sucker Punch Sally’s.



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