Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Artist Profile: Tay Herrara


Tay Herrera (aka Tarrera) was born in Southern California in 1963. Art was a major interest during his youth.  At age 17,  he was introduced to master firearms engraver Angelo Bee.  Angelo is a former engraver at Fabrique National D' Armes Deguerre in Liege, Belgium and is a master at the hammer and chisel technique.  Tay was blown away by his skill and had a major influence on Tay's artistic direction.
IMG_0555In the early 1990's, he was instructed by two of the most prominent American engravers, Frank Hendricks and Ron Smith.  Tay pursued hand engraving in firearms and developed a working relationship with Weatherby Rifles.  After he became uninspired with traditional firearm engraving, he sought a different industry.  The motorcycle industry was an obvious choice where Tay could use his firearm engraving skills and reveal his "dark side."  Motorcycles are a great canvas for engraving  flames, skulls, demons, etc.  He has taken his art to a new level by using engraving techniques to produce three dimensional, high relief pieces of art.  It should be emphasized that Tay uses hammer, chisel and hand gravers.  He does not use rotary tools such as a "dremel" to work with. His work can be seen on choppers manufactured by builders such as West Coast Choppers,  Paul Cox of Indian Larry legacy, Super Co. Customs, Johnny Chop, Custom Design Studios, to name a few.   To see more of Tay’s craft, please go

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