Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Artist profile: Trevelen Rabanal

n593673348_1299201_6517 After being released from Chestnut State Mental Hospital in 1982  Trevelen Rabanal embarked in a lucrative business. Male exotic 
dancing. He traveled "The Big City" (Carson, Whittier, South Gate and  Pacomia) in search of the "Next Big Thing". After severely injuring 
himself while trying to do a cart wheel at a bachelorette party, Trevelen hung up his g-string and vowed never to dance again. With no 
where to go and limited funds he decided to do what every other  skateboarded does who never made it in skateboarding. He bought an era   correct knucklehead with nos parts and a sleeping bag tied to the sissy bar. After growing a long beard and buying a wool flannel, Trevelen started to manage his own blog and ripped off cool kick ass chopper pictures from the 60's and 70's from everyone else. Trevelen  has since retired from the chopper scene and resides in Las Playas Tijuana where on a daily bases he try's not to get kidnapped and held  for ransom.

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